Yoga biography
2009: started practising Yoga
2015: Hatha teacher training in Costa Rica
2015: Founded Alma Yoga in Costa Rica
Since 2015: teaching yoga (Hatha & Slow Flow): group & private classes
2016 – 2018: Advanced studies on:
* Correct alignment in asana
* Yoga & Ayurveda (balancing the dosha’s through Yoga)
* Ayurvedic Nutrition
* Yoga philosophy
* Yoga therapy (focus on stress, butn-out, depression, trauma & psychosis)

You want to have a look at my full ‘Yoga CV’?
Click here Yoga CV – Amber Jagers 

The importance of Yoga to me
I started with Yoga in 2009 and ever since cannot imagine my life without it.

“My own yoga practise has been my guide all along. Whenever I feel stuck, in my body or mind, I step on my mat and through my practice I create space. Each layer is stretched, breathing and moving through each blockage of energy. Both releasing and strengthening, both in effort and relaxation.

In this way my practise enables me to move through my joys and my pains. To become that observer that is no longer entangled in her monkey mind, but compassionately watches clouds of criticism,  judgement, self-pity, jealousy, frustration, drama etc pass by…….

By the end of my practise my sky has become (more) clear, I feel light, I feel space, I feel alert and calm at the same time and I feel that all that was so tremendously important before – causing struggle and strain – is nothing more than a tiny event in all that I call my life.”

My teachings are for you to create space

All my teachings I share from my own experience. My aim in each and every class is for you to have 75 min to just create space. To create space in your body, to create space in your mind, to eventually create an open space – free of concepts, judgements and right or wrongs –  where you feel free to express your true nature.

I wish for you that the moment you step off your mat you not only created that lovely after yoga feeling, but carry you unique Self into the rest of your day and feel empowered to express that.

Join a class!
I teach at different studios in Amsterdam (Yoga Spot, Tula Yoga, The Conscious Club) and also give private sessions. My teachings are fresh, flowing, creative and can be challenging. However always suitable for both beginner and intermediate yogi’s.

Check out my schedule and join in!


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