Schedule & private sessions

Are you interested in joining a group class?
You are more than welcome!
All classes are for beginner and intermediate students.

Group schedule Alma Yoga
Below you see my general teaching schedule. All classes are 75 minutes.
In case you would like to join a class you can either subscribe through OneFit-membership OR contact the Yoga studio where I teach to subscribe.
Hope to welcome you in one of my classes!

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Maybe you like a more personal approach and you are thinking about booking a private yoga class.
I have given private sessions to business (wo)men; stay-home moms, people who experience stress, are recovering from a burn-out etc.

A private class can be very beneficial for several reasons:

  • a more effective yoga practice focusing on correct alignment right actions
  • a class fully focused on your wants & needs
  • according to your schedule (I am quite flexible!)
  • at home, a place where you feel safe and comfortable
  • no distractions from others, improving full awareness
  • therapeutical yoga, for those with injuries or in recovery

A private session is 60 minutes and costs € 45,-.
A 10-class card € 400,-.

  • This price includes preparation, travel time and material – yogamat, block and belt
    (no need to buy a yoga mat though I recommend it for your personal practice)
  • You are free to invite your friend or family member without any additional costs!
  • Private sessions can be in English or Dutch

Book a session
Contact me for a private session via the contact form below or call me on +31 6 2200 9338. I will contact you to answer your questions and book a first session.

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