Personal story

“On the way to myself I have been so many people”

The only thing that you can really know – from the inside out – is that knowledge that you gained through your own experience. That is why I want to share with you my story, my journey on the path of empowerment. That what has ultimately lead me to myself and the expression of that in my work. 


The constrictions of our own beliefs

We were all born free, with the idea that anything is possible. A natural confidence to go out and explore the world, walking the world effortless and with full trust.

As we grow older naturally  we adopt all kinds of ideas and beliefs. Without even being aware of it we took on ideas about right and wrong, about how  we should behave, how we should look, about how a succesful life looks like… and on and on. As we continue our lives we take these beliefs as the norm and are constantly thinking, acting and adjusting our lives ‘in line’ with what we have learned. On one part this is very beneficial in our daily functioning – we don’t have to figure everything out like the first time. Unfortunately these beliefs also constrict the way we see ourselves and the possibilities we believe we have.

Do you recognize for example that spark of energy you feel when you think about your ideal job/career/life ….- you feel excited and enthusiastic, the energy flows! And then…..just 2 seconds later you tell yourself all kinds of reasons why you should not do it. You don’t have the right certificates, you don’t have any experience, you don’t have enough money, there is too much competition, you probably won’t be good in it, it will take at least 10 years to make it happen…. and so on and on. Before you know it you drop the whole idea and just stick with what you know…. You swallow that great idea and get back to reality. End of story.

This process effects how we live our lifes. It is restricting and keeps us from expressing our inner most desire. It keeps you, from being who you are. That is why the quote “on the way to myself, I have been so many people”  expresses to me in such a beautiful way the ultimate journey of Empowerment: to realize yourself.


In my personal story below you can read my (continuous) journey to empowerment; how I slowly feel able to shred the beliefs that don’t serve me to be me; and what role Yoga & Ayurveda played in that process.


My own personal story – shredding my skin

I have always been fond of sports. ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, horse back rising, kick boxing, dancing. No wonder that after secondary school I had an interest in studying physiotherapy…. But then I thought: “No, maybe better to study something like management or business because probably I have better career opportunities…” And so I dropped the idea of physiotherapy and started studying Facility Management for 4 years. Since I am not a quitter I graduated and started working in this field, only to find out after 4 months that I did not enjoy it at all.

An internship in 2006 in Surinam for 6 months had opened my eyes: I found I felt excited to connect to different cultures and ways of living. That made me decide to go back to University and take on two year Master, named ‘Culture, Organization and Management’. I enjoyed it as it fit very well with my curious/inquisitive nature. A social science that opened my eyes to different cultural and societal perspectives. I graduated in 2011 and found a job as a market researcher. I loved to interview people and get a deeper insight into the way customers get emotionally attached to certain brands. However, the down-side of the job was commerciality. In the end the goal of all research is to stimulate people to consume more, whereas my personal belief is ‘less is more’. Due to a reorganization, an increase in workload, my own perfectionism and my growing aversion to materialism and consumerism I had a burn-out.



“After all falls apart, all falls into place”

This was what I call the tipping point in my life. There was an urge inside of me to change my life. I already practised Yoga for about 5 years at that time and it had led me inwards – towards my personal desires. A friend of mine mentioned a Yogaschool in Costa Rica and within 10 minutes my decision was made. February 2015, I went to Costa Rica with an open ticket to get out in nature, dive into a Yoga teacher training and see where life took me.

It has been the best decision ever. If there is anything in the world that empowers you, it is travelling. It opened my eyes to new perspectives and therefore challenged my ideas and beliefs. It shows you there is a different way of living than the Western 9-5 office job and it promotes your independency.  After six months in Costa Rica I managed a small Caribbean Guesthouse and founded my own Yoga school ‘Alma Yoga’ (Alma meaning Soul in Spanish). I did what I loved and I felt extremely empowered!


That sense of empowerment has only grown over the last years through Yoga & Ayurveda. Ayurveda provided me the self knowledge I needed to balance my Pitta-Vata (read fiery, passionate, enthusiastic, but in overdo also critical, anxious and restless tendencies). Yoga fostered the connection with my Self and opened my eyes to see ‘what I want’, ‘what makes me happy’, instead of listening to that conditioned mind.

Now, 32, I am happy and proud to say that I have put aside 6 years of HBO/WO study – and all expectations that come with that – the need for a career, the belief that once we choose a direction in life we have to stick to it and the idea that by 32 you need to have settled (I am not judging those who did!). Instead, I do what I love and I feel I am only at the beginning of bringing my full potential into being.


A need for change – time to empower you!

Being a Yoga teacher I meet many people and unfortunately many of them tell me how they suffer from stress, burn-out, lethargy and a sense of unfullfilment. More and more often we hear in the news about the growing number of (young) (wo)men that get into a burn-out. I am not surprised, I experieced myself how easily we are lived by this fast-paced, performance-driven society, but also how few of us align our live with our passion, talents and potential.

Now that I feel empowered – and I am better able to balance myself – it is my time to help empower you! Yoga and Ayurveda are beautiful tools to make that happen. They provide you the insights needed to balance your unique system so that your body becomes clean, vitalized and rejuvenated, your mind clear and calm and your energy levels rise. A balanced body & mind are the starting point for you to continue your journey inward and start to express your unique talents.


This is why I am excited to take this journey on with you, I want you to feel empowered and take on your life fully!

“No one is you, and that is your power”

Dare to ask yourself this question:
What do I (yes, you and no one else) want?
I don’t mean on that superficial day to day or even year to year level.
I mean what do you want from life?

Keep asking yourself with an open mind and heart.
The answer, that is where your power is at….

Be fierce, act upon that power.
Because your only true purpose in life is THAT.

Alma Yoga – by Amber

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