AyurYoga combines the wisdom of Ayurveda with Yoga. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences as they both originate in the ancient Vedic scriptures, the Vedas.

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When there is a disbalance in the body an Ayurvedic therapist often prescribes changes in diet and lifestyle to re-establish balance. Besides diet and lifestyle changes, specific Yoga exercises can also be very beneficial for the patient to foster healing. When Yoga is applied in a therapeutic and individual way, according to Ayurvedic principles, we call it AyurYoga.

With AyurYoga I use Yoga as a healing tool to fit your individual needs and balance your doshas.

That means that after I gained an insight into your current disbalance I create an AyurYoga practice that fits your level and will help you balance your system.

AyurYoga practice
This practice will often focus on one or more of the following elements:

  • Balancing your (sub)doshas.
    F.e. when Vata is aggravated I will create, a grounding and nourshing practice that will help to calm your nervous system and nourish your tissues.
  • Balancing agni – digestive fire
    F.e. when agni is weak, I will create a warming practice that will stimulate the digestive fire and elimination processes in the body
  • Eliminating ama – toxic waste
    F.e. when there is ama (toxic waste) in the body, I will create a detoxifying practice that will stimulate your body to release toxic build up and elimination through the digestive tract.
  • Supporting specific dhatus (tissues)
    When the disbalance has settled into the tissues it can be beneficial to give extra attention to that aspect of the body.

Book your consult – Combining diet, lifestyle and AyurYoga
When you come for the first time a regular Ayurvedic intake consult is needed for me to gain an understanding of your current disbalance.
Part of this consult is diet and lifestyle precriptions. A regular intake consult costs € 49,-.

Do you want to include AyurYoga as a tool for healing?

  • Full intake + AyurYoga = € 80,-
  • AyurYoga apart from intake € 40,-

AyurYoga practice:

  • customized to your Yoga experience;
  • customized to your vikruti (disbalance);
  • including asana, pranayama and meditation;
  • of about 30 min, excluding meditation (I experienced that clients are well able to integrate a 30 min practice into their daily routine. In case you want a longer sequence this can be discussed for an additional fee)

I will send you the sequence by e-mail. I will write down the Sanskrit and English names of the asana’s and pranayama exercises and explain to you what benefits this practice will have on your system.

A private yoga class
After receiving the sequence, I recommend you to book a private class with me so that (at least once) I can guide you to the sequence properly, making sure it is effective and you don’t harm yourself. Especially when you are a beginner in Yoga this is advised.

Yoga for the doshas
In general the following applies:


Aggravated Vata:
a grounded, calming and nourishing practice with specific attention to the lower part of the body (main seat of a Vata).


vpk_lotus1Aggravated Pitta:
a cooling yoga practice that fosters the client to soften from thinking and doing to being and feeling. This practice will give specific attention to the area in between the navel and the heart (main seat of Pitta)


vpk_lotus1Aggravated Kapha:
a heating, invigorating practice that stimulates movement of prana and elimination of excessive Kapha in the system. Special attention is given to the chest and head where Kapha often gets congested.


Note: Of course these are just general guidelines, an individual apprach is needed to make the practice really beneficial for you.



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