Ayurvedic weight loss program

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”
– François de la Rochefoucauld

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Ayurveda offers an holistic approach to weight loss. Weight loss has nothing to do with starvation or deprivation. Your body needs the right nourishment for it to function properly and for you to feel vital.

What I am offering is a personal and holistic approach to weight loss.

Ayurveda looks at causes, not at symptoms,
Ayurveda looks at individuals that at generalizations.

For example, it could be that you have difficulty loosing weight not because of your diet, but because your digestive fire (agni) is weak, making it unable for you to loose weight.
Another important aspect is the presence of so called ‘ama’ (toxic waste) in the body and the neccesity to detox.

The program I have set up is well put together and guides you all along the way.
It is a 3 month program after which you can continue on your own -or stay under consultation if you wish to. The main aim is to balance your health so that loosing weight eventually comes natural.

I am Ayurvedic Nutritionist and at the moment I am studying to complete the course to become certified Ayurvedic therapist.
I give Ayurvedic nutritional advice and lifestyle advice. For chronic disbalances or diseases I always refer to an Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor.


* Ayurvedic intake consult – 60 min – worth € 49,-
During an intake we will discuss your current state of health and any disbalances. I will ask you about different aspects like your digestion, stools, your hair, skin, eyes, your menstrual cycle, your current diet and daily routine.
Additionally I will do a polse and tongue evaluation.
All these aspects together will give me an insight into the cause of your disbalance. This will determine what your ‘Ayurvedic health plan’ will look like.

*Ayurvedic health plan based on your consultation by e-mail – worth € 49,-
You will receive an Ayurvedic health plan with advice considering diet, lifestyle/daily routine, exercise and the usage of certain specific (Ayurvedic) herbs. Ayurvedic herbs that are prescribed are not included in the price.

*A personalized 30 min AyurYoga practice that will benefit your goal send by e-mail – worth € 40,-
As I am taking on a holistic approach my health plan does also include a specific personalized AyurYoga practice. Including asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and mudras (certain hand postures) that benefit your system. Of course I take your ‘yoga-level’ into account, so that it will always fit your capabilities.

*Two face-to-face check up half way – 30 min – worth € 50,-
In order to keep an eye on the effect of the herbs and the changes you are making in your lifestyle and diet, there will be scheduled two face to face check up consultations. So one each month. We will discuss how you feel and I will evaluate the polse and tongue. In case needed there can be made slight adjustments to your Ayurvedic health plan.

*Two skype/calls for all your experiences and questions along the way – 2x 15 min – worth € 35,-
Whenever you feel the need for a skype or regular call in between we can schedule it. My experience is that as you get started you will have some questions. This call is so that you don’t have to wait.

*Becoming a member of the private ‘Alma Whatsapp Inspiration’ – worth what you take out of it!
The ‘Alma Whatsapp Inspiration’ keeps you motivated & inspired along your journey.
On this private whats app group I will regurarly post interesting, inspirational and motivational feeds. Quotes, recipes, interesting articles, yoga poses, personal sharings….. all to invite you into the world of Ayurveda. I will be the only one who can send input in this group in order to avoid spam.

*15% discount on one of the workshops of the ‘Ayurvedic training’ I am offering regurarly – worth € 7,-
Part of the Ayurvedic training are four interesting workshops combining Ayurvedic theory and AyurYoga practice. The subjects are Detox, Daily Routine, Stress Release and Rejuvenation. You can choose to join any of the workshops. Based on your disbalance I can advise you which one would be beneficial to you. Read here more about the workshops.

€ 169,-
actual worth in money at least € 230,-, but eventually health is priceless 🙂

Subscribe here and I contact you for a first consult. I am looking forward to meet you!


20180125-DSC_8490 - kopie
Alma Yoga by Amber

Note: This program is not suited for those with obesity, a chronic or severe disease. As I am still in training to become a fully certified Ayurvedic Therapist I will seek advice with Dr. Shailesh in case needed.

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