Ayurveda & Detox

Ayurveda & Detox – eliminate toxins from your system
Date: to be scheduled soon!

Teacher: Amber Jägers
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Spring and autumn are ultimate times to detoxify the body. Ayurvedic detox is not about juicing and losing weight, but about removing ‘ama’ (waste) from the body so that nutrients are properly absorbed and the system can recover. In this unique Ayurvedic workshop you will learn all about it.

Read my blog article about autumn detox to get a deeper understanding of its importance.


The workshop consists of theory and practice. The theory part will take about 1,5 to 2 hours. We take a 30 min break and then we continue with practical yoga exercises.


  • I start with an introduction about myself and give you a general understanding of Ayurveda: its origin, development and the basic principles of this ancient ‘Science of Life’. This introduction is part of every workshop.
  • We look at the usefulness and the necessity of ‘detox’: why and when?
  • I provide insight into the origin of ‘ama’ (toxic waste), which is the basis for the development of imbalance / illness.
  • We will discuss the importance of ‘agni’ (digestive fire), which is important for healthy digestion and the prevention of ‘ama’.
  • We discuss the do’s and don’ts for ama: you learn to check your own tongue for ama, the usefulness of the Ayurvedic morning ritual and which foods to avoid / limit.
  • We also discuss the do’s and don’ts for agni: what are the symptoms of an imbalanced agni and how can you restore your agni with nutrition and herbs.
  • Then we go into the detox plan that you all take home with you: it contains a nutritional list and recipes. With this detox plan you can work at home to rid your body of toxins in a mild yet effective way and lay a nice foundation for step 2: rejuvenation! (This is another Ayurvedic workshop, it is advised to follow both, so that after the detox the immune system and vitality can be rebuilt).


  • 30 min with an appropriate ‘detox snack’


  • Supporting the detox plan, there are a number of very effective yoga postures (asanas) and pranayama (breathing exercises) that ensure that the toxic waste comes loose and can leave the body faster.
  • I guide you through a detox practice, which includes twists, forwards bends, backward bends and a number of cleansing breathing exercises.
  • You conclude with a delicious savasana and go home with a calm mind & your detox plan.


  1. Ayurvedic knowledge
    Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in the West and even modern medicine is increasingly looking for remedies and solutions in Ayurveda. Yet there is often little understanding of this science. This is your chance to dive deeper into this ‘Science of Life’ and to learn the basics. Every workshop we dive deeper into the theory and highlight a different theme. If you follow the 4 workshops as training, you will have a good understanding of the most important principles within Ayurveda at the end of the ride.
  2. Gives self-insight
    With the knowledge of Ayurveda and concrete examples you get direct insight into how it is with your ‘ama’ and ‘agni’.
  3. Is empowering
    You will learn how you can easily remove ‘ama’ with home remedies, diet, routine and exercises and improve ‘agni’. No expensive doctor’s visits and no chemical pills.
  4. Get started at home
    Besides all tips & tricks you go home with a ready-made detox plan. So, you do not have to figure out anything yourself and you can start immediately.
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